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Boycott and Divestment Campaigns

In 2005, 170 Palestinian civil society organizations issued a historic, rights-based call to the international community for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) targeting Israel and institutions complicit in its oppressive policies towards Palestinians until it complies with international law and ensures freedom, justice, and equality. 

Find out more about the global BDS campaign at www.bdsmovement.net.

The US Campaign endorsed the Palestinian call for BDS shortly after it was issued in July 2005. Academic and cultural boycott were endorsed in 2009.  

Active campaigns in the US include those targeting Ahava, Ben & Jerry's, G4S, HP, Jewish National FundRe/Max, Sabra Hummus, and SodaStream. Divestment campaigns are happening in churches, campuses, local city councils, and beyond. 

Download flyers that explain BDS and highlight campaigns and companies here and here

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View a map of our member groups' BDS campaigns and resources here

Don't miss the inspiring list of U.S. victories below!

HP Harms Peace
HP provides on-going support to a biometric ID system installed in Israeli checkpoints in the occupied West Bank that deprive Palestinians of the freedom of movement. 

Apartheid Made Exciting: Boycott SodaStream. SodaStream remain complicit in Israel's apartheid policies and colonization of Palestinian land. 

G4S: Securing Injustice. G4S helps Israel run prisons where Palestinian political prisoners are detained. Academic and Cultural Boycott. These boycotts are an important part of pressuring states in violation of international law.  

Caterpillar Campaign. Caterpillar best exemplifies the interest of U.S. corporations in the Israeli occupation and the complete refusal to address human rights concerns. 

Occupation Free Faith Communities. These communities commit to taking specific advocacy steps to bring about a just peace in Palestine/Israel. 

BDS on Campus. Find resources to help campus campaigns succeed.  Other BDS campaigns. Information about Ahava, Jewish National Fund, Re/Max, and others. 

List of 100+ U.S. Victories! To celebrate 10 years of BDS, we complied an inspiring list of top wins. 

BDS Resources. Fact sheets, FAQs, videos, and more! 

Major BDS Win! Since August 2015, Veolia has withdrawn completely from the Israeli market! 

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