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A growing community is saying YES -- to freedom, justice and equality for all -- by starting a recurring monthly donation to the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. Please join us today, and also share this page with a friend!

The Olive Branch Club is a way to sustain the work of the US Campaign through a secure, tax-deductible, monthly donation that meets your budget. Set yours to $10, $20, $50, $100 a month. or more. For every $120 donated, we'll plant an olive tree for a Palestinian family.

I joined the Olive Branch Club because:

Noura Erakat I want to keep our voice strong

"We need money to sustain our movement and dedicated people working 24/7. I see how the US Campaign's coalition has grown to more than 350 organizations and 50,000 supporters on such a small staff and budget, and so I give..."

Noura Erakat,
Palestinian human rights attorney and writer

Shakeel Syed It's affordable

"I remember how funds for the civil rights movement were raised from folks who had even less money than I, and so I give $25 a month to push my government to support justice for Palestinians."

Shakeel Syed,
Islamic Shura Council of Southern California

Diane Adkin I'm planting accountability

"For every $120 per year (just $10 a month) that I donate, the US Campaign plants an olive tree for a Palestinian farmer, doing good at home and abroad. In the past year, supporters of the US Campaign helped plant 2,265 olive trees."

Diane Adkin,
National Sales Manager, Canaan Fair Trade USA

Peter Miller It's sustainable

"I'm giving $50 every month because that helps the US Campaign plan more effectively. Now, our coalition can count on my support the next time we petition our government to stop protecting Israel's illegal settlements."

Peter Miller,
President, Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights

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If you would prefer set up your recurring donation with PayPal, please select the 'Subscribe' next to the desired contribution amount

If you would like to make changes to recurring donations, please contact us at officemanager@endtheoccupation.org or 202-332-0994.

Email: officemanager@endtheoccupation.org
Phone: 202-332-0994